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This blocks your thyroid from burning fat (and slows metabolism)…

We’ve all seen the public struggles that Oprah Winfrey has had with her weight. One magazine cover to the next can look like a totally different person.

So it was no surprise when a few years ago she announced her doctor had discovered one of the underlying causes of her struggles was an underactive thyroid.

That’s no isolated incident – thyroid problems are A LOT more common than you think.

It’s been estimated that over 40% of the adult population has an under-performing thyroid. Making matters worse, your thyroid function naturally declines as you get older!

That spells bad news for your waistline. Your thyroid secretes the important fat burning hormones T3 and T4, which control your metabolic rate – or how many calories you burn at rest… mostly from fat.

A well-functioning thyroid burns MORE calories and helps with fat loss. But a poor functioning thyroid slows your metabolism, you burn fewer calories and fat gain follows.

In fact, it’s been shown that your metabolism can DECREASE by as much as 40% with low thyroid function.

Weight loss is hard enough by itself, so the last thing you need is your metabolism running slow, working against you. It’s like trying to drive a car with the brakes on.

Environmental pollutants, stress and even foods like soy can either block your thyroid from producing T3 and T4 or prevent those hormones from telling your cells’ energy factories to burn fat.

To get your thyroid functioning again, it’s CRUCIAL to go through a rigorous, 1-2 year detoxification process with a doctor specifically trained in detox. That will help unblock T3 and T4 from firing up your fat burning energy factories.

While I strongly recommend that for everyone, I know 1-2 years can seem like a long time. As luck would have it, Mother Nature has come to the rescue with a faster thyroid-stimulating solution…

==> Naturally stimulate your fat burning thyroid hormones with THIS…

Once you get your thyroid hormones functioning properly, it’s like putting the wind in your fat burning sails. Everything becomes much easier, you actually start seeing progress both on the scale AND in the mirror. More importantly, you also start FEELING better overall, which is priceless.


PS – Thyroid hormones, particularly T3 and T4, help support efficient burning of fat by helping your cellular fat burning factories called mitochondria properly use oxygen. Without sufficient T3 or T4, the fat burning fire raging inside your mitochondria gets snuffed out, just like if you deprived a campfire of oxygen. But this natural thyroid-enhancer can help your mitochondria get the oxygen it needs to consistently burn fat for energy, instead of accumulating it around your body. And just wait until you see what it did to their CRP levels

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