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Why Use an Online Personal Trainer

Online Personal Trainer

Online personal trainers have been a growing phenomenon online in the last 5 years; we’re not talking about simple exercise plans or routines that you can follow using some generic workout. A good online personal trainer service will offer you a very specific tailored exercise routine and a comprehensive nutrition plan that’s designed exactly to their client’s objectives, preferences and needs.

Online personal training offers the person whose training at home or in a low cost gym that simply can’t afford to pay a personal trainer an effective alternative. It bridges an important gap in this growing market offering people a solid structure and continuous support for only a fraction of what it would cost if you had a personal trainer standing next to you.

Every body is different, we simply cannot all respond to one diet and workout plan the same way; if you need help in reaching your objective then you should consider joining a good online personal trainer website. Online personal trainers that are qualified will be able to not only send you a training routine and nutritional plan but will also add the required lifestyle transformations to help you get to your goals, from dad fitness to serious bodybuilding and everything in-between.

There are some websites such as London personal trainer that have been in the personal training business for over 20 years and they know exactly what they’re doing. Covering aspects like strength and conditioning, exercise science, sports nutrition, fitness nutrition, information systems, and personal counseling.

The Positives of online personal training:

1. Instant access to all expert advice from highly qualified and experienced fitness professionals coming from across the world.

2. It is very easy to ascertain any personal trainer’s ability. With our diminishing digital world so socially connected you can now learn a lot from any potential online trainer before you even make first contact. Reading client reviews, looking at media mentions and article writing. You’ll soon know whether the personal trainer you’re looking at keeps up with the constantly changing industry in general.

3. Less expensive. When a personal trainer begins developing a good reputation for delivering good results, they get busy fast. This means they get fully booked and raise their prices, making any good personal trainer too expense for most of us.

4. Free to train at any location and at any time. You’re not limited to gym hours and you also can access your workout for the day directly on your smart phone.

5. On-going support. From dietary support to training support or questions that you need to ask, can all be done via email or SMS.

The Negatives of an online personal trainer:

1. If nobody is spotting your correct training technique because by definition online training there’s no live trainer watching your technique, which could drastically reduce your efficiency when working out, and could make it dangerous. But if care and attention is given to the videos that demonstrate correct technique this could be avoided.

2. Motivation. It’s easy to simply send an email or phone instruction with maybe a video explaining what to do, there’s absolutely no guarantee that the nutritional advice or the training advice given will be completed successfully.

Online training does not work for everyone, but if you’re the kind of person who will not lose motivation training alone and can follow advice, then below is a basic breakdown on online personal training costs, with guidance and support by experts in their field.

Strength Training: $150-375

Workout Templates: $100-150

Cross-training Programs: $150-375

Cardio Programs: $150-375

Basic Nutrition: $250

Advanced Nutrition: $500

Health and Wellness Coaching: $250

Meal Plans: $100

Exercise and Nutrition Library: $20

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