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AUTOMATE fat loss <--- [Solution.]

Special article compliments of my buddy Dr. Kareem Samhouri ,

Today, I want to teach you how to automate fat loss, but first, it’s important that you understand what keeps people from losing fat.  There are three main reasons that people stop losing fat:

  1. You stop exercising.
  2. You stop following your nutritional program.
  3. You stop mixing things up.

…but if we really want to get down to it, it’s because of a loss of motivation in one of those categories.  It’s understandable.  After all, I wouldn’t want to do the same exercises or eat the same meals every day, especially if I felt I could make a tweak to my program and get better results, but I didn’t know how.

Variety is King in Fat Loss.  

I’ve shown you how to have fun again losing fat.  Do you think that it’s because none of the other strategies you tried work?  

Certainly that doesn’t make sense.  A great program helps you stay motivated and comply with your exercise program.  A great program is easy to understand, and long-lasting.  Most importantly, a great program helps you become independent.

There are two ways to become independent:

  1. Master Program Design – Learn everything there is to know about how to build your own program.  This option has been given to you in the Platinum option of FTFL, as well as Double Edged Fat Loss.  With both of these two programs, I teach you how to build your own workouts and gain fitness independence.  ?
  2. Automate Program Design – Have a tool that does all of the thinking for you. 

Master Program Design is an extremely doable, and realistic goal for you.  The trouble is, even if you have high hopes, and you’re willing to do the work, sometimes information overload can take place.  Some things just take time to truly understand at a deep level that seems easy to implement.  This is a scenario where having Automation work for you is even more important.  

For example, by automating the building of your workouts, and only keeping track of what week you are on, you are cutting out most of the headache; and you’re allowing yourself the time to learn how to build workouts on your own.  Essentially, you’re creating a fat loss ‘safety net,’ in that you know you’ll always be able to have automatic, and awesome, fat loss workouts at your fingertips.   

I’d like to introduce you to the first complete turnkey ‘Fat Loss Automator’:

AUTOMATE fat loss  — solution

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