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Fat Loss Dilemma – Why You’re Not Getting Results (at least as fast as you should)

It’s time that we talk about the difference in programming between training like a pro and struggling for results for an unnecessary amount of time. Dr.Kareem used to be just like you, and he understands the difference between the fastest path to success and the beaten path that’s worked so poorly for so long.

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3 NEW Fat Loss Tips [SIMPLE]

Dr. Kareem wrote us a guest article today that I felt I absolutely needed to share with you. If you haven't seen what's come to be one of the highest rated online video presentations of all time yet, you can check it out right here:

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1 pound with 12 minutes of exercise <– really?

This presentation reveals how Dr. Kareem was able to lose 34 pounds in just 8 weeks with only 50 minutes of exercise per week - as it turns out, that works out to be exactly 11.76 minutes/exercise for every pound of weight he lost:

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