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NEW Fat Loss Tips [SIMPLE]

So let me tell you having bronchitis is NO fun !!! The nights are the worse if you ever had bronchitis and tried to sleep through coughing spurts you will know exactly what I mean. But on the other hand not sleeping does allow me to find ways to kill time through the night. Honestly last night was the first time I actualy spent 33 minutes watching this fat loss presentation I have been pugging for my buddy Dr.Kareem

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3 NEW Fat Loss Tips [SIMPLE]

Dr. Kareem wrote us a guest article today that I felt I absolutely needed to share with you. If you haven't seen what's come to be one of the highest rated online video presentations of all time yet, you can check it out right here:

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Fat Cells – Turning Foes Into Friends

We always look at our fat cells as the enemy – making our pants too tight, causing unsightly bulges under our shirts, and stubbornly sticking to that area below our belly buttons. I want to propose a radical idea to you…make friends with your fat, take care of it, and fix it.

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1 pound with 12 minutes of exercise <– really?

This presentation reveals how Dr. Kareem was able to lose 34 pounds in just 8 weeks with only 50 minutes of exercise per week - as it turns out, that works out to be exactly 11.76 minutes/exercise for every pound of weight he lost:

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Weird Testosterone Research: Female Pheromones Elevate T

In an effort to help men increase testosterone naturally through their olfactory senses, big business has teamed up with celebrities and sports icons to re-ignite passion between couples in a multi-billion dollar perfume industry. [Cue image of man nearly collapsing with lust as conspicuously perfume-adorned woman walks past.]

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