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Fat Loss Dilemma – Why You’re Not Getting Results (at least as fast as you should)


 It’s time that we talk about the difference in programming between training like a pro and struggling for results for an unnecessary amount of time. Dr.Kareem used to be just like you, and he understands the difference between the fastest path to success and the beaten path that’s worked so poorly for so long.

Click on over to the page below and watch the video at the top and you’ll begin understanding exactly what he's talking about. When you’re done, be sure to leave your comments/questions below.

PS – what else do you think might be stopping you from getting results as fast as you should?

http://budurl.com/fatlossdilema <<— Here is your link.

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5 Worst exercises NEVER to do <– WARNING.


I’m concerned that you are hurting your body:

5 Worst exercises NEVER to do <– WARNING.

Dr.Kareem explains everything in his video.

STOP doing these exercises if you want to lose fat or build
muscle.  They are destroying your results.

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NEW Fat Loss Tips [SIMPLE]


Let me tell you having bronchitis is NO fun !!! The nights are the worse if you ever had bronchitis and tried to sleep through coughing spurts you will know exactly what I mean.

But on the other hand not sleeping does allow me to find ways to kill time through the night.

Honestly last night was the first time I actualy spent 33 minutes watching this fat loss presentation I have been pugging for my buddy Dr.Kareem .

I was so blown away by it that I e-mailed Dr.Kareem at 2 am and yes he was still awake to answer me and I told him I had just ordered his ab strength guide and that his video presentation had gotten me so stoked that I could get back in shape in ONLY 10 Minutes a day.

So here is my promise to you. I have had a very rough year and now is the time to get back on track. I told Dr.Kareem that I will be starting his program as soon as I get settled into my new home and will take weekly picture progress reports. He was as stoked as I was since Dr.Kareem knows I have many visitors to my article blog and newsletter and I would be able to share my progress with you all.

So this time I will be plugging Dr.kareem however I also will be an actual guinea pig and will be following his ab strength guide to the T .

So I am starting at 205 lbs now about 20% bodyfat and will take it from there.

Check out Dr.Kareem's fat loss presentation if you have not done so yet and maybe you too can join me and we can share with the world on my blog all of our results. hey if we start now a beach ready body is VERY ATTAINABLE….

What are you waiting for find 30 minutes today and watch this video. Dr.Kareem is not only very charasmatic BUT he knows his stuff and explains it to us all in a way we can ALL understand…

let me know your thoughts as I welcome all comments on my blog in the section titled Dr.Kareem.

3 Unusual Fat Loss Tips <— F.REE Presentation by Dr.Kareem . Watch it !

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The 10 Ways to Knock Out ANY Pain – 100% Guaranteed!



That’s the number of seconds the referee has to count before awarding a knockout victory in a boxing match.

With each count someone gets closer to total victory… and someone is closer to a crushing defeat.

Ten… That’s also the number of scientifically proven pain smashing ingredients you’ll find in Rub-On-Relief, a natural pain relief cream:

Check them out here.

This powerhouse topical pain relief cream was developed by my friend Jesse Cannone of The Healthy Back Institute.

After watching his back pain clients writhe in pain and then hearing how limited and controlled their lives were by pain, he and his team went to work to create the best natural pain relief cream on the market.

Not only did they create a product from natural ingredients that worked fast and was easy to use…

It's SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to be 100% effective in 
giving you a knockout victory over ANY type of pain 
you’re currently experiencing!

It's quick and easy to apply, and doesn't leave your 
fingers burning or stinking like those other creams.

Just grab your tube of Rub-On-Relief then simply 
massage a dime sized dab where it hurts…

And in only minutes you’re pain free!

Plus it’s backed by an Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee.

It either works for ANY type of pain you have – as promised 
– or your money back… You risk nothing!

You can see all the proof for yourself and also discover 

8 "Sneaky Little Pain Busters" you've probably never 
heard of right here.

Imagine no more achy joints or muscles…

Say good bye to nagging injury pain…

Freedom from the crippling effects of arthritis…
Achieve total victory over your pain.

As a bonus, Jesse's given secret access to a few of his 
most trusted friends to get Rub-On-Relief at a 38% Discount!

The only "catch" is that this opportunity lasts for this 
week only…

So click here to take advantage of this week's discount 
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P.S. Remember, Rub-on-Relief is proven to be effective in 
relieving ANY pain you have. And it’s guaranteed… 
you risk nothing.

And when you order today you save 38%.

So why not try Rub-On-Relief today and experience the
pain relief you deserve.

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get FUNCTIONAL abs strength that looks amazing! [Video]


 You want results (faster) that last longer?

Me too.

That's why I figured out a way to gain
functional and cosmetic benefit at the
same time.  Your body craves this:

Get Sexy, Train Right <— Faster, Easier, Better.

Click the play button below to watch this amazing presentation !

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3 Odd Tips To Lose Belly <– 4 Main Causes [Video]


Belly fat seems to have 4 main causes:

  1. Lack of exercise (unfortunately, this has
    become the new 'normal' for a lot of people)
  2. Improper program design (people spend way
    too long exercising and tend to sequence their
    exercises incorrectly.)
  3. Unrealistic diets (there's no way you can
    follow a diet until you reach your goal,
    or indefinitely, when it's meant for failure.)
  4. No motivation (I know specific tricks to
    help you with this – they seem to work
    every time.)

Watch this video: 3 Odd Tips To Lose Belly <— click here.

It explains everything.

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3 NEW Fat Loss Tips [SIMPLE]


Dr. Kareem wrote us a guest article today
that I felt I absolutely needed to share with
you.  If you haven't seen what's come to be
one of the highest rated online video presentations
of all time yet, you can check it out right here:

3 Unusual Fat Loss Tips <— F.REE Presentation

…and now, for Dr. Kareem's article….

3 NEW Fat Loss Tips [SIMPLE]
by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri, CSCS, HFS
Neuro Metabolic Fat Loss & Fitness Expert

The following three tips, when combined, yield
an unusually fast fat loss response:

  • New Fat Loss Tip #1:  Combine high fiber intake with short-burst, high-intensity exercise.
  • New Fat Loss Tip #2:  Use breakaway sets to break through plateaus.
  • New Fat Loss Tip #3:  Sit to rest if you want to lose fat really fast (but be careful!)

New Fat Loss Tip #1:  Combine high fiber intake with short-burst, 
high-intensity exercise.

Combining high fiber intake with short-burst, high intensity 
exercise is done for a specific purpose – to regulate your 
sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous systems.  Basically,
the goal of doing high-intensity, short-burst exercise is to
stimulate a maximal sympathetic (or "fight of flight") response.
When you finish doing this, much like the concept of 
reciprocal inhibition, your body switches into a "rest and digest"
mode, which is indicative of parasympathetic stimulation.  

At the same time, you are more likely to regulate your body's
cortisol levels by raising DHEA, your body's calming hormone.
This works out well when you're eating a high fiber diet, b/c 
the fiber has a mechanical effect during digestion to clean
your gut and help you absorb nutrients.  Obviously, anything
we can do to help your parasympathetic nervous system 
increase its efficiency with this is a plus.

New Fat Loss Tip #2:  Use breakaway sets to break through

Breakaway sets refer to sets where you start heavy (or intense)
and you gradually decrease the resistance as you push yourself
to failure.  Most people reserve these sets only for exercises
like bench press or lat pull, but they can be used with anything,
including bodyweight exercise.  By going from the floor to an 
inclined surface, you are decreasing the intensity of a bodyweight
exercise, which allows you to get a few more reps from every set.

Over time, your body adapts to being able to lift more, withstand
longer sets, and push your overall exercise ability.  Simultaneously,
you'll increase your lactate threshold (very important) and bust
right through plateau points.

New Fat Loss Tip #3:  Sit to rest if you want to lose fat really
fast (but be careful!)

Ok, so this is a bit controversial, but clinically, I've noticed this
to be true.  Here's the deal:  if you keep moving after a tough
set, in which you hit complete momentary muscular failure,
you are actually allowing the lactic acid in your bloodstream 
to be re-absorbed back into your circulation and pumped
through your body.  So, if our goal is to increase the amount
of repair your body undergoes for the next 2-3 days, yielding
a higher calorie burn, it stands to argue that we want to locally
deposit lactic acid in order to get a greater effect.

By resting immediately following every set, and I mean quiet
rest, you are forcing your body to accumulate lactic acid local
the muscles you just worked.  The risk, naturally, becomes
avoiding injury in future workouts or movements, so make 
sure to be careful and warm up properly (at least 15-20 minutes)
before attempting the following workout.

You guys know I love you – that's why I share all this stuff 
with you – we are on a mission for a better life – a life where
this world becomes a healthier place and we all help one 
another.  I'm proud of you for coming this far.


You've gotta love this guy.  

Now, get ready to learn the coolest six pack abs
information you've ever heard:

3 Unusual Fat Loss Tips <— six pack abs blueprint.

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Fat Cells – Turning Foes Into Friends


Fat Cells – Turning Foes Into Friends

By Mike Roussell, PhD –

We always look at our fat cells as the enemy – making our pants too tight, causing unsightly bulges under our shirts, and stubbornly sticking to that area below our belly buttons.

I want to propose a radical idea to you…make friends with your fat, take care of it, and fix it.

An ugly truth is that you’re stuck with the fat cells you have, so why not make the best of a bad situation?

Why? Because your fat cells can actually help you lose weight. You may be thinking “How could that even be possible?!”

Simple! Your fat cells don’t just sit there.

They actually release their own unique hormones, which scientists call adipokines, which help regulate your body weight.

When these hormones aren’t optimized, weight loss is harder; but optimize them, and they will help you lose weight faster.

Here are three ways you can optimize these hormones for more efficient weight loss.

Continue ….

have a great day,

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1 pound with 12 minutes of exercise <– really?


This presentation reveals how Dr. Kareem was able to lose 34 pounds in just 8 weeks
with only 50 minutes of exercise per week – as it turns out, that works out to be exactly 11.76 minutes/exercise for every pound of weight he lost:

http://budurl.com/abstrengthatoz  <— Find out how.

Just think about the potential here, if you wanted to lose 5 pounds… about one hour of cumulative exercise!

I love it when the big guys figure out ways to get more done in less time – of course, we all realize that there are a ton of health benefits to exercise for longer, or more regularly than a measly 10 minutes 5x per week.  That doesn't mean that you can't lose fat in this time period, though, and then become motivated to exercise more often – Get motivated:

http://budurl.com/abstrengthatoz <— Method revealed.

You've got time for this – a small investment of your time here may just save a huge amount of your time later. 

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Weird Testosterone Research: Female Pheromones Elevate T

In an effort to help men increase testosterone naturally through their olfactory senses, big business has teamed up with celebrities and sports icons to re-ignite passion between couples in a multi-billion dollar perfume industry.

[Cue image of man nearly collapsing with lust as conspicuously perfume-adorned woman walks past.]

However in the real world, the bottles of citrusy, sweet, or even sporty scents may actually be a gigantic counterproductive ploy aiming to make us consume something we [shock!] don’t really need.

Why is this?

Well studies have shown that smells are critical to mating habits in the animal kingdom.

Some pretty fascinating tests have emerged as a result of evidence that male testosterone levels are influenced by a female’s odor – particularly when they are most fertile, i.e. when they are ovulating.

Case in point: Saul L. Miller and Jon K. Maner, FSU Psychological Scientists, put the theory to the test in the human kingdom.

Women in the study were asked to wear T-shirts for three nights, in different stages of their menstrual cycles, some ovulating and some not.

The remainder of the test involved men smelling T-shirts and scientists collecting saliva for testosterone analysis.

Sure enough the evidence concluded that the mens’ testosterone levels spiked when smelling the shirts of women who were ovulating versus the control T-shirts – those worn by women who were not ovulating.

So What Does This Mean To You?

Long story short: testosterone levels are hinged in a biological response to female ovulation.

For men… know your woman’s cycle and take advantage of her ovulation phase to capitalize on your increased sex drive when you snuggle up close and get a whiff of her pheromones.

For women… if you’re trying to lead your man into the bedroom, don’t swim in perfume during your ovulation period.  Go au natural and wink.  That should be enough to do the trick.

Just one more thing that’s very important…

Low testosterone is a very serious problem for a lot of men…including me. In my mid-40’s I worked with an entire team of “testosterone specialists” to design the ultimate solution for “low-t” and:

  • I felt a dramatic increase in my sex drive and stamina…
  • I lost body fat and I gained muscle at the same time
  • I have a lot more energy and mental focus now…
  • And best of all, I did it 100% NATURAL with no side effects.

All it took was a few simple steps that anyone can do!

I put together a special report where you’re going to learn everything else you need to know here:

Special Report: “The Testosterone Solution” ← Click Here Now

You’ll also discover a “super food” that’s been proven to boost testosterone and other “sneaky tricks” you can use for a life-changing transformation of your hormonal health!
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