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Coffee + Chocolate + Wine = Lean Body? (and longer life?)

There’s a raging debate about whether “forbidden foods” such as coffee,
chocolate and wine are good for you.

One side thinks these foods KILL your metabolism, accelerate aging and
drain you of energy.

The other side thinks life is short, so WHY NOT have some fun…how bad can
they REALLY be?

So WHICH Side is Right?

Surprisingly…neither! And that’s good news for your body shape, muscle tone and energy levels.

Study after study has shown these “forbidden” foods extend life span,
accelerate fat burning, fight aging and ward off disease.

It all has to do with hormesis — the idea that otherwise toxic substances
in LOW amounts make us stronger.

Hormesis is MORE than just a theory — a review of 20,000+ articles in the
Toxicological Sciences showed that low doses of 600+ otherwise toxic substances had a POSITIVE effect. WOW!

The Reason Behind this Bizarre Phenomenon…

While the exact science on this is being worked out, it’s thought that these
“poisons” gently stress your energy-producing mitochondria just enough
so they adapt and become stronger.

That means EVERY part of your body — your brain, heart, lungs, liver,
immune system and more — is FLOODED with energy.

And having more energy has the single biggest influence on your metabolism,
health, mood and lifespan.

So next time you want to enjoy a glass of wine, indulge in a bite of
decadent dark chocolate or sip a cup of piping hot coffee — don’t feel
guilty , just don’t go crazy…everything in moderation.

More Unusual Metabolism-Boosting Foods…

Ok, so what else can you eat that will turbo-charge your mitochondria and
create a tidal wave of energy to keep your metabolism feasting on fat,
your belly FLAT, your mood fantastic and your skin smooth?

Well, here are a few somewhat unusual metabolism-BOOSTING foods you
probably NEVER thought would be good for you.

==> Unusual Foods that Crank UP Metabolism and Boost Energy


PS – Unlike chocolate, wine and coffee, these first two foods you should eat a lot of EVERY day. They are LOADED with mitochondria-boosting nutrients and absolutely delicious to eat!

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