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Combat The Fat Reviewed + my first youtube video

The title alone makes you think of battle, right? Well that’s because the author is a former army sergeant in the US Army! (As in “duh” … how else would he phrase it but combat the fat?) Although the title may scare some of you, or at least make you a little apprehensive, I can assure you, there is no high wall to scramble over, no mud-pit to jump, no crawling under barbed wire with live bullets singing around your ears. Promise!

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Free report – 5 Mass Building Mistakes…And How To INSTANTLY Correct Them For Thick New Growth

Here's what you'll find in this F.R.E.E. Special Report: 1.) How to EAT to build mass...based upon your SPECIFIC “BODY TYPE”! (One-size-fits-all nutrition plans are for “newbies”! Do you know the exact changes YOU need to make if you’re either a skinny Ectomorph, or “chubby” Endo? 2.) Which training frequency has been scientifically PROVEN to work better for building muscle: 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-DAY training routines?

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My personal Combat the Fat challenge journey

What I love about Jeff's program is that since I have very little time left each day it is just 3 short brief workouts a week with no added cardio. Also each workout is fun to see how you can better yourself each week on your reps and weights. (Note Jeff gives you the choice of doing bodyweight exercises or alternative weightlifting exercises. I chose to combine the two choices together to make it a bit more challenging. Just as an example when i started this program at 205lbs I could not even do a single bodyweight pullup. Now I can bang out 10 with no problem. Was so much fun to see how I would steadily improve each week)

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