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A 30-second trick for a flatter stomach


And yes, I KNOW this sounds too good to be true… …but in this case, it’s actually NOT! Because you CAN get a flatter stomach (and even improve your back pain!) in just 30 seconds when you know this very ...

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5 keys to guaranteed fat loss Online Coaching 30 Days Free

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Dear Friend, I would like to ask you a quick question… What would you give to trade places with one of the contestants I took by the hand on “The Biggest Loser”, showing them EXACTLY how to lose ALL their unwanted fat, ...

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fat burning COOKIE [recipe]

You have to try my new favorite “fatburning” recipe – it is soooo GOOD! (See below the recipe for the 6 reasons it is perfect for fatloss.) PEANUT BUTTER PROTEIN COOKIES INGREDIENTS: - 1/4 cup water - 1 1/2 cups ...

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EASY 2-Step Carb Trick That Kills Belly Fat [video]

Hi , Do you LOVE CARBS, but afraid to eat them? After all, carbs ALWAYS make you fat, right? WRONG! That’s NOT true at all, IF you follow the EASY 2-Step Carb Trick that Kim explains in this video. . ...

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potatoes bananas or rice? [pop quiz]

today I'm surprising you with a POP QUIZ from my friend Kim Lyons, celebrity trainer from The Biggest Loser. Let’s see if you can get this right. . . Q: Which of the below foods make losing fat difficult:       ...

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Want a strong, tight core and GREAT abs? Try this…

If you want GREAT abs (and now is definitely the right time of year!), I've got something you're going to LOVE. It's an excellent new abdominal exercise from the "Mad Scientist of Exercise," Nick Nilsson.

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The Single BEST Type of Interval Training You Can Do For Rapid and Efficient Fat Loss…Near-Maximal Intervals

When I do cardio I want to get the greatest fat-burning effect in the shortest amount of time possible and get it over with fast. I want to burn a TON of calories and get the greatest "after burn" for the time I put in. Essentially, I want to do the most EFFICIENT cardio I possibly can.

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How to Gain Muscle Mass on 3 Meals a Day

For those who work for a living, it can be extremely tough to get the 5 or 6 meals a day often recommended. I've got a plan that can help you get the calories you need on limited time (and appetite!).

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