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The Single BEST Type of Interval Training You Can Do For Rapid and Efficient Fat Loss…Near-Maximal Intervals

When I do cardio I want to get the greatest fat-burning effect in the shortest amount of time possible and get it over with fast. I want to burn a TON of calories and get the greatest "after burn" for the time I put in. Essentially, I want to do the most EFFICIENT cardio I possibly can.

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3 signs your workout IS torching fat (instead of wasting time)

Here’s a truly shocking surprise: Exercising in the famous “fat burning” zone can actually make you fatter and drive UP your appetite! Not only that, but pushing yourself too HARD and exercising for too LONG unleashes a veritable storm of damaging inflammatory molecules that ...

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45 second movement strips fat and shapes muscle (at any age)

When it comes to looking and feeling great… do you ever feel like your best days are behind you? Like you’re too old, over the hill or out of shape to EVER get back that vibrant, energetic feeling of your ...

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Why Cardio Doesn’t Work For Some People: A NEAT Explanation

FREE DOWNLOAD Click-Here for the direct download link to this e-book. By Tom Venuto At the Burn the Fat Inner Circle member forums, I get a question which comes up with alarming frequency: “Why isn’t my cardio working?”  Despite not only doing regular ...

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Is Exercise The Fountain of Youth?

As we age we run into many of the same challenges. Our workouts are not as vigorous as they used to be, or we do not have the stamina for as prolonged a workout. If you have never been in the habit of working out you will find yourself stiffening at the joints, having lower back pain, just a general slowing down and feeling old.

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How to know that do you have leaky gut syndrome?

  AtoZfitness.com  – Article Blog Post   March 21 2008   How to know that do you have leaky gut syndrome?   Leaky Gut Syndrome or LGS, as we commonly call it, is an extremely common problem but is rarely ...

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Movement Sufficiency NOT Calorie Deficiency

Movement Sufficiency NOT Calorie Deficiency By David Grisaffi, CHEK Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist Golf Biomechanic Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach Three universal goals nearly all of us share are: (1) to live longer, (2) to live free of illness and (3) ...

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The Exercise Enhancement Principle

How to transform your entire life though exercise By David Grisaffi http://flattenyourabs.atozfitness.com   As I strolled down the foggy Tacoma waterfront with Jim, a long-time personal training client of mine, we began to chat about how important exercise has been ...

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How To Lose Weight With Walking

By David Grisaffi   Three universal goals nearly all of us share are: (1) to live longer, (2) to live free of illness and (3) to control our weight.  Amazingly, walking lets us achieve all three. In fact, walking may ...

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