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Multi Dimensional Ab Training

www.AtoZfitness.com Your Internet Fitness Resource Site – AtoZfitness Article Blog Post – Multi Dimensional Ab Training by David GrisaffiIn some of my previous articles, I’ve written about why you need to change your ab programs frequently to avoid muscle adaptation, ...

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The Reason Your Abdominal Workouts Stop Working…

AtoZfitness Blog Article – Feb.29 2008 The Reason Your Abdominal Workouts Stop Working… By David Grisaffi http://flattenyourabs.atozfitness.comDid you know that your body can adapt to an exercise program in as few as 4-5 workouts or less?   It’s true – ...

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The Lower Abdominals

The Lower Abdominals By David Grisaffi, Author, Firm And Flatten Your Abs The lower abdominals may be the single most popular subject among fitness enthusiasts today. This is due to the fact that having flat, tight, lower abdominals is a ...

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Fitness Fads Come And Go, But The Swiss Ball Is Here To Stay

Fitness Fads Come And Go, But The Swiss Ball Is Here To Stay By David Grisaffi www.FlattenYourAbs.net  What’s hot in the world of abdominal and core training today seems to change as fast as the latest clothing styles. New gurus, ...

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