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Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Benefits

There are many reasons why one should use a Personal Trainer to reach your fitness goals. Whether the reason you’re interested in using a personal trainer is fat-loss-based, sports-driven or specifically for athletic purposes.

Whether you got to gyms in London or are looking for a LA personal trainer – we have created a list of reasons why it’s good to get a personal trainer below:

1) If you’re unaware which exercises will be most effective for achieving the specific goals you have, then you’re unlikely to achieve these goals. For example, if your primary goal is to increase your core strength but whenever you exercise you always doing cardio exercises, then you’re very unlikely to ever reach your goal.

2) Your education when doing any exercise is essential to avoid injury. Thousands of people get seriously injured performing exercises they’ve never received any kind of training for, impacting their own health and fitness often permanently. When you’ve got a qualified personal trainer standing next to you while you perform an exercise it is invaluable in maximizing results.

3. Personal Trainers Can Help With Your Unique Requirements

Every-body is different, our abilities and our requirements will all be very different when exercising. From avoiding certain movements because of a previous injury, to dealing with some kind of phobia that impact on the way you train.

4. Personal Trainer Help You Set Realistic Goals

Everyone wants results in the first 2 weeks, from losing weight to developing maximum muscle mass are not always easily achievable, and if you’re not reaching your objective month after month you may become discouraged and start backsliding.

5. Personal Trainers Can Help With Specific Goals, Like Training For An Event

The more specific your goal is the better a personal trainer can help setting up realistic goals and exactly how to achieve them. For example, if your bucket list is ‘Skydiving’ but you’re over the maximum weight permitted, then hiring any good Personal Trainer to help you lose weight will make your life a lot easier in achieving this goal. Or your objective is to run a marathon in 6 months, hiring a Personal Trainer will make a huge difference in you completing a marathon within 6 months.

6. Personal Trainers Will Hold You Accountable

We have all promised ourselves at one time that we would train tomorrow before work but decided to sleep another hour instead. Any decent personal trainer will ensure commitment from you to stick to the plan.

7. No Wasting Time = Maximum Results

There are 2 different types of people that go to gym:

1) Those that wander in and spend 10 minutes on some random machine then drift slowly to another one, before half-heartedly doing bicep curls for 5 reps then walk out.

2) Those that come to gym with a plan in mind, and hit specific machines and/free weights with a purpose. These folks generally have a very organized plan for how many sets and reps they do; knowing exactly what and how to work on each machine or free weight movement.

8. Personal Trainers are qualified

To become a personal trainer you need at least a Certificate III in General Fitness, for which they’re required to complete at least one module on nutrition and how it affects fitness etc. A well-qualified personal trainer who has their Certificate IV in Fitness will have more nutritional knowledge to back up any dietary recommendations they have. Also any good trainer will have PT insurance.

9. Personal Trainers Will Improve Your Mental Health

Depression is a growing mental health issue that sports science has conclusively proven can be improved with regular exercise. When you have a personal trainer planning your exercise and motivating you, it will help to release endorphins, and also having another shoulder to confide in.

10. An Unofficial Therapist

Any good personal trainer will know very well the role they might be playing by just listening to you groan on about the problems in your life while you’re doing some cardio. The responsibility of a personal trainer is not just your training or your nutrition but to improve your overall sense of wellbeing creating robust health.

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