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Pair Your Diet with THIS – Free report by Dr Kareem Samhouri

pair your diet.

Dr.Kareem believes one of the most 'under-spoken' topics in health is how to properly pair 'what' you eat with 'how' you exercise.  Interestingly, this is a consideration for him with every workout, and he adjusts on a daily basis.  In fact — when Dr. Kareem travels he might eat an unexpected cheat meal, and then simply adjust his workouts a bit, build some muscle, and increase metabolisms.PAIR YOUR DIET

When you're eating to slow aging, shape your body, or build muscle, there are slight variations in the way you might eat and the foods you'd choose.  For instance, your overall goal might be to slow aging, but you realize you've hardly consumed a carb today — outside of maybe a few veggies — and you decide to light up your workout to be more metabolic and burn some fat.  Or, your intention might be to lose fat and shape up, but your office has bagels and you slip this morning; instead of losing fat, pivot and build muscle today.

This is a must-read (and a keeper, I'd say):

Pair Your Diet With THIS. — Food // Movement Pairing Guide

At the link above, you'll get one of the best health resources I've come across to date, and it's a gift.

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