Combat The Fat Reviewed

The title alone makes you think of battle, right? Well that’s because the author is a former army sergeant in the US Army! (As in “duh” … how else would he phrase it but combat the fat?) Although the title may scare some of you, or at least make you a little apprehensive, I can assure you, there is no high wall to scramble over, no mud-pit to jump, no crawling under barbed wire with live bullets singing around your ears. Promise!

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A “Quick Tip” For Leaner Abs.

I'm warning you Lewis... ...I have NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF that the "quick tip" I'm about to share with you really works! But I can tell you that I've experienced some pretty freaky stuff in my lifetime and I believe this works. To start, let me bring you back to a sub-zero day in upstate New York when I was in the Army... We were out in the field, freezing our asses off for a full week in the snow and one day was especially cold.

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Great new Free e-book download Supplement Review Guide.

One of the most common questions I‟m asked by those who have read my books or hundreds of articles, is... "Do you REALLY need supplements to build muscle and burn body fat?" Those that know my work understand that I have a real "love-hate" relationship with supplements. You see, it IS true that you can achieve great results without the use of supplements, the REAL truth is that you can achieve BETTER and FASTER RESULTS...

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Are Abs Machines Necessary?

I’ll be honest… the average person doesn’t possess the patience required to develop a great set of abs or the work ethic to maintain it. They lack the discipline and determination needed to achieve their goal. Many people go on “quick fix” fad diets to reduce their midsection. Others buy every ab training gizmo and gadget advertised on TV only to end up folding them up and sliding them under the bed or using them as “expensive clothes hangers.” Based on the amount of email I get on the subject, I know how fixated most men and women are about finding the “Holy Grail” of abdominal development in some type of machine advertised on TV. Read on to see my answer to Are Ab Machines Needed?

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A Shocking Protein Supplement Discovery!

Which protein works best at building muscle? The answer will SHOCK YOU! If you follow popular bodybuilding advice you've probably heard that different types of protein powders are consumed at different times for different reasons. For example, "Casein Protein" (a very slow digesting protein) isn't as bio-available to your muscle. But because casein forms a solid "clot" in your stomach, it's digested and absorbed very slowly, reportedly helping to prevent muscle breakdown over a longer period of time.

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Idiotic Mistakes Using Superset Training To Build Muscle!

By now you should know that "superset" training is the best training method for any fitness goal, whether you want to build muscle or burn fat. Unfortunately, I see WAAAAAY too many people using this technique incorrectly...and it's time to set the record straight! By now you should know that "superset" training (where you perform one exercise back-to-back with another exercise) is NOT just an "advanced" training technique for the gym. It's actually the best training method for any fitness goal, whether you want to build muscle or burn fat. Unfortunately, I see WAAAAAY too many people using this technique incorrectly...and it's time to set the record straight!

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Want a f.ree “fat-burning” DVD + personal coaching?

What if you could have one of the industry's top "fat loss coaches" take you by the hand and SHOW YOU exactly how to... -> Build quality LEAN MUSCLE -> Create a massive MELTDOWN of fat -> Balance your HORMONES to increase your "drive" -> DETOX your body of harmful waste material -> Jumpstart your metabolism for ALL-DAY ENERGY

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He SHOCKED His Friends With His Chest Building SECRET!

This week I was talking with one of my "Inner Circle" coaching clients, Justin, from my "Combat The Fat" weight loss program You see, each month I open up my PERSONAL phone line to talk 1-on-1 with my "CTF Soldiers" to help them fine-tune their body transformation efforts. Justin was telling me about how people he knows have been coming up to him and commenting on how great he looks. Specifically, they've been noticing that his CHEST has been getting more muscular even as he's burned fat.

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Free report – 5 Mass Building Mistakes…And How To INSTANTLY Correct Them For Thick New Growth

Here's what you'll find in this F.R.E.E. Special Report: 1.) How to EAT to build mass...based upon your SPECIFIC “BODY TYPE”! (One-size-fits-all nutrition plans are for “newbies”! Do you know the exact changes YOU need to make if you’re either a skinny Ectomorph, or “chubby” Endo? 2.) Which training frequency has been scientifically PROVEN to work better for building muscle: 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-DAY training routines?

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Is Exercise The Fountain of Youth?

As we age we run into many of the same challenges. Our workouts are not as vigorous as they used to be, or we do not have the stamina for as prolonged a workout. If you have never been in the habit of working out you will find yourself stiffening at the joints, having lower back pain, just a general slowing down and feeling old.

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