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Odd experiment generates 9lbs of fat loss in only 15 minutes…

Ever wondered what would happen if all you ate was fast food for a month?

That’s what Morgan Spurlock, a somewhat odd documentary film maker did for his movie Supersize Me.

He ate nothing by McDonald’s for 30 days and, no surprise here, his cholesterol went up by 65 points, he put on 24.5 extra pounds and his body fat skyrocketed by 63%.

Anybody who did that would have similarly devastating results, right?


Curious what would happen, a little-known sports physiologist and physician from a small town in North Carolina performed a similar experiment on himself.

Want to know what happened to him?

He dropped 20% body fat and shed 9 pounds!

Not only that, but his cholesterol and triglycerides improved and his blood sugar normalized.

So what the heck is going on here?

Well, the physician made two changes.

And those two changes are the secret to supersizing fat loss for anyone.

Even if you’re eating at McDonald’s for 900 meals in a row! (Not recommended, by the way!)

Here are the two changes the physician made.

One: He never ate starch with fat. (Spurlock ate whatever McDonald’s served him.)

The physician knew that starch and fat are a deadly combo that create a big fat calorie explosion leading right to fat gain, especially around the middle.

You see, the starch spikes insulin, the number one fat-making hormone in the body.

And the fat delivers a mother lode of calories (twice the calories of protein or carbs) which insulin is all set to convert into — guess what — belly fat!

So the good doctor made a few easy changes. He took the bread off his burger. He passed on the fries. But everything else? Fair game!

Lesson learned: Don’t eat starch and fat together. Not unless you’re just dying to blow up the size of your fat cells.

But wait, there’s more: The second change was even better!

He also added just 15 minutes of a very special kind of metabolic exercise that absolutely puts a blowtorch to fat stores.

And he did that a total of only 12 times during the 30 days — that’s exactly 3 times a week. The only other exercise he did was an occasional walk.

That’s it.

Where did he get these special movements from? He actually invented them. And he did it at his own metabolic clinic in North Carolina in response to the demand from his patients for exercises that worked.

His clients wanted something as effective as a 60-minute workout in the gym, 5 days a week. But they wanted the results in much less time.

They also wanted to have FUN. They complained about boring routines and special equipment, and lost hours traveling back and forth to a gym. They wanted something they could do at home that didn’t require weights or a gym.

Many of his clients had previously believed that the anti-aging, metabolism-boosting benefits that exercise can deliver were off-limits to them, because they were too old or too out of shape.

So his clients insisted on something that could be done by ANYONE, at any age.

Here’s the complete description of how these special movements work and how you can get started doing them at home yourself now to spike your metabolism and initiate unstoppable fat loss:

==> Use These Metabolic Movements to Slim Down In Just Minutes…

So take a lesson from our wise physician, the one who lost 20% of his body fat and 9 pounds of weight in a month on McDonald’s: Don’t eat starch with fat. It’s the key to unstoppable fat loss.

And don’t forget to use special metabolic movements, 15 minutes, 3 times a week. They can overcome a “slow” metabolism and rip off unsightly fat from your body at any age.

I love these exercises and I do them myself– as often as possible. So let me know how they work out for you!

Have a great weekend


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