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NEVER do Sit-Ups for a Flat Stomach — IMPORTANT.

NEVER do Sit-Ups for a Flat Stomach — IMPORTANT.

In the message below, our good friend and Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Kareem Samhouri, explains why one of the most common exercises that people do to get a flat stomach can actually have the exact opposite effect on their body. Please pay attention and make sure that you stop doing this. 

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Approximately 9 out of 10 patients and clients I see have forward posture, meaning your chin might be tipped up slightly, your shoulders might be rounded a little bit, and/or your hip flexors might be a bit tight.  This means that sit-ups will be one of the worst exercises for you when it comes to losing fat and getting a flat stomach.  

Allow me to explain…

A 'traditional' sit-up or 1/3rd — where you lie on the ground and raise your shoulders and back off the ground, contracting your abs — works more of your hip flexors than it does your 'abs.'  Plus, it's the wrong set of abs if you are more than 5 pounds overweight.  You see, your 'rectus abdominus,' or six pack muscle, is the worst choice of abs muscles to train, since it doesn't stabilize your spine at all, and it's not part of your 'true' core.  When you are more than five pounds overweight, or even have a minimal lower belly bulge, your body will have a hard time finding your lower abs, so even if you work your six pack muscle correctly, you'll be promoting further bulge.  Effectively, you're training your lower belly to stick out when you contract your abs, since you're unable to contract both of these important muscles at once.

When you do sit-ups, and you do them regularly, you will further tighten your hip flexors, cause arching of your low back, and even possibly create low back pain.  On the other hand, when you work on your true core, you'll be doing entirely different exercises, but you'll be progressively flattening your stomach, losing fat, and systematically adjusting your body to be able to tolerate more exercise over time. As you raise your potential 'breaking point' with exercise, or exercise tolerance, you'll see faster and faster results.  

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NEVER do Sit-Ups for a Flat Stomach –IMPORTANT.

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