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  • Fitness in the Forest - Women-only fitness camp
    5 & 7-day New Forest women's fitness camps for women of all ages, sizes & fitness levels. Individually-tailored courses to help you drop a dress size & kick-start the 'New You'. This is not a 'bootcamp' - Our fitcamps offer NO military training techniques. Your experienced Personal Trainers will ensure sessions are challenging and that you, as an individual, work to YOUR own personal best to achieve YOUR goals - whether Sustainable weight loss, Sports-specific training, Wedding preparation, increased vitality - or simply looking good on the beach!

  • The official website of Justin Leonard!
  • 10 POUNDS in 14 Days
    10 pounds in 14 days sounds like a BIG goal, but it’s not unrealistic. I encourage you to set the bar high, but ensure that you’re following any rapid fat loss plan with a sustainable and healthy living habit to avoid rebound weight gain. 10 POUNDS in 14 Days
  • Sandra Wickham
    Canadian Fitness Competitor, Model, Writer``Photo Gallery, Information for women who want to compete in fitness
  • FitMommies.com
    FitMommies.com is an online community for mothers who are interested in maintaining a level of fitness while raising their children. There are articles on pregnancy, fitness, nutrition, relationships, and more!