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    Female bodybuilders and jiu jitsu experts in female and mixed wrestling matches. See our free video downloads and browse our large free website!
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    Affordable tennis lessons for people in Alexander County NC and surrounding areas.
    Status Fitness™ Magazine is the premier fitness and lifestyle magazine published. Status Fitness™ caters to physique sports of all genres and health minded individuals of all athletic levels - female and male.

    Status Fitness™ focuses on what readers are truly interested in, from the fittest models and athletes to the most informative and exclusive articles. With the highest quality in print, design, and overall content, there’s excitement with every page you turn.
  • The Fitness Fusion
    We believe that being healthy and physically fit isn't just about looking a certain way, or being able to fit into a certain size. It's about the mind, body, and spirit functioning in harmony. It's about being active so that we can enjoy life.

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