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(Free DVD) How to win ANY “street-fight”!

I realize this a VERY different from the fitness articles I normally publish for my readers,so if this kind of thing makes you uncomfortable, I apologize in advance and I TRULY hope you never find yourself in a situation where you would actually need to use it like I did 4 years ago.


I want you to imagine that you’re down at the local pizza joint and some woman who’s tired of waiting in line starts yelling at the staff.Being the superhero you are, you try to calm her down and tell she doesn’t need to get so upset.

Wrong move! 

All of a sudden YOU are now the target of her anger… and then her 350lb boyfriend comes in to teach you a lesson, like this guy did…

     (VIDEO) Man Fights 350lb Thug In Restaurant
              (WARNING: This is pretty brutal video footage!)

Look, it’s no secret that every guy NEEDS to know how to defend yourself and someone you’re with, right?

But the #1 biggest fear most people have when it comes to a real fist-fight is…

“How can I defeat someone who’s bigger and stronger than me?”

That’s a great question – and I won’t lie… when you’re attacked by some giant mutant who’s twice your size and jacked with muscle, he DOES have a deadly advantage over you.

That’s why I highly recommend you get this free “street-fight” DVD in the mail…

Get it here: http://atozfitness.com/goto/streetfight

In this free DVD, you’ll discover the simple tactics (that anyone can master!) to not just “survive” a violent attack from a much larger, stronger attacker but…

… how to DESTROY ANY MAN with your bare hands!

I know it may sound impossible to your right now, but I promise that once you watch this 2-hour free DVD, you’ll be amazed at just how much untapped power you possess for defeating any man, anywhere!

I don’t know how long the DVD is going to be free, so don’t waste any time, ok?

Go grab your free “street fighting” DVD now and see how easy it is for you to defeat a man twice your size and strength!

Free DVD=> http://atozfitness.com/goto/streetfight


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