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Dr. Kareem Samhouri

TARGET Carb Metabolism — BREAKTHROUGH Method – Must Read

Here’s an article that I think you’re really going to like: It’s all about how you can pair what you ate with a specific form of training on that day and get a much better result.  For example, if you ate a ...

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Do Almost Nothing & Get A Flat Stomach — MUST READ.

When you break ‘homeostasis,’ you shake up your body and force it to respond; in the case of fat loss, by challenging your body to constantly adapt to something new, you are avoiding having to increase effort over time: Do ‘Almost’ ...

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ERASE (don’t avoid) Carbs — DOUBLE Your Fat Loss

AtoZfitness.com We search the web for the best fitness information for you. You are subscribed as %%emailaddress%% Forward to a friend. ERASE Carbs — DOUBLE Fat Loss Dr.Kareem says that choosing the ‘right’ diet plan or ‘best’ exercise program isn’t ...

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75% off Dr.Kareem’s Create my Workout. Blowout sale for you.

75% off Dr.Kareem's Create my Workout. Blowout sale for you. NOTE:  Since he's our resident Doctor of Physical Therapy, I've asked Dr. Kareem to extend this sale to you.  Please see the email below for more details. You’re the bomb. ...

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5 Day Fat Loss Accelerator — ENCLOSED.

5 Day Fat Loss Accelerator — ENCLOSED. Losing fat is hard… unless you start in the right place.  For this reason, Dr. Kareem is giving away his absolute fastest method to help you lose fat in the next 5 days: 5 Day Fat Loss Accelerator — ENCLOSED.  (100% F.REE) I can’t recommend this ...

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Lose Stubborn Belly Fat Quickly

Today, I want to share an article Dr.kareem wrote on losing belly fat quickly. A lot of people have commented to him that it’s helped them straighten some stuff out in their heads… hope it helps you too! have a great ...

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ERASE Carbs — DOUBLE Fat Loss

Today, Dr. K will teach you how to automate fat loss, but first, it’s important that you understand what keeps people from losing fat.  There are three main reasons that people stop losing fat: You stop exercising. You stop following ...

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ONE POUND of Bodyfat per Week (average) — [18 Week Plan F.REE]

  www.AtoZfitness.com Your Internet Fitness Resource Site Losing ONE POUND of bodyfat per week, on average, is much more difficult than losing ten pounds in a week or two… unless you follow these five steps: ONE POUND of Bodyfat per Week ...

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Attack Fat-Building Cells (NEW METHOD)

  www.AtoZfitness.com Your Internet Fitness Resource Site By Dr.Kareem Overeat carbs and build insulin resistance; when you do this, you activate a hormone called 'Resistin,' who's job is to make it nearly impossible for you to lose fat — your ...

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5 Worst exercises NEVER to do <-- WARNING.

I’m concerned that you are hurting your body: 5 Worst exercises NEVER to do <– WARNING.Dr. Kareem explains everything in the video.  STOP doing these exercises if you want to lose fat or build muscle.  They are destroying your results: 5 Worst exercises NEVER to do <– 8 ...

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