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75% off Dr.Kareem’s Create my Workout. Blowout sale for you.

75% off Dr.Kareem's Create my Workout. Blowout sale for you.

NOTE:  Since he's our resident Doctor of Physical Therapy, I've asked Dr. Kareem to extend this sale to you.  Please see the email below for more details.

You’re the bomb.

As a Thank You, here's 75% OFF one of my absolute most popular programs:

75% Blowout Sale on Create My Workout — Thank You

I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you, how important you are to me for helping make this world a healthier place, or possibly explain why this is so meaningful
 for me.  My uncle who's going blind from diabetes recently told me:

“Good health is an invisible crown on the healthy that only those who ‘don’t’ have it see.”

I think this best explains why I’m so driven to help you; I’ve seen poor health in my own family, experienced it with my own body, and figured out a solution.  This solution
 was simplified in every way possible when my team and I developed "Create My Workout."

Create My Workout does the following:

  1. Lets you choose your workout goal, so you don’t end up buying multiple programs.  Every six weeks, you should be mixing up your workout goal to keep your body guessing and getting results; CMW makes this easy.
  2. Gives you video instruction with proper form demonstration, common form mistakes, etc. on every exercise you do.
  3. Records your data, allows you to share with friends across the world or country so you can work out together, and get results — together!
  4. Lets you print your workouts, so you can bring them to the gym with you.
  5. Most importantly, it sorts through all the confusing information about "the best way to build your workout" and builds it for you, designed by me, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Kinesiologist.

WARNING:  Designing workouts is a bit like investing.  If you don't see a return, you're not going to keep doing it; on the other hand, the less effort, and higher return, the more likely you are to keep exercising.  CMW applies "my" methods to "automated workouts'" and gets you ridiculously fast results.
And, this week, it’s 75% OFF, as a Thank You:

75% Blowout Sale on Create My Workout — Thank You

Not only are we working together to improve health worldwide, but my family and I eat, travel, and live because of your support. My happiness, and your commitment, are linked.  My priority remains your health.

75% Blowout Sale on Create My Workout — Thank You

have a great day,
Kareem & Lewis

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