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5 fat-loss exercises you’ve NEVER seen before

Sometimes I think he's literally out of his mind…

I'm talking about my buddy Nick Nilsson, a.k.a. the Mad Scientist of Muscle.

And let me tell you, if you've seen his exercises in action, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I've trained with before and he's kinda nuts.

If you haven't seen his exercises… well…you're in for a treat!

Nick has put together a very cool video with 5 of his best "fat-loss-targeted" insane exercises. [use affiliate link here]

If you've hit a rut or a plateau in your fat-loss training…
If you're bored with the "normal" exercises in the gym…
Or if you're just not having FUN with your training anymore…

…you're going to LOVE these exercises.

Click here to check these out now… 


P.S. My favorite one is the Low-Pulley Push-Up and Cross-Over. It's a chest exercise that puts THREE different types of resistance on your pecs during the exercise. You'll be doing a push-up while the two low pulleys are trying to pull your hands out from under you (which you'll have to resist with your pecs). This is topped off with a cross-over movement done while balanced on one arm.

This works a tremendous amount of muscle mass even beyond just the chest, making it an IDEAL exercise for cranking up your metabolism.

Here's the link again for those 5 exercises

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